The early years

Born June 25th in Melbourne Australia, Stan The Man Longinidis is the eldest of three children. He has a sister Lana and a brother ten years his junior who also has a history in the kickboxing industry.

Living in North Altona during the mid sixties, Stans parents Suzy and Steve were absolutely thrilled at the arrival of their first born. The ten pound bundle of joy, Stan was a lovable baby and no doubt the apple of his parent’s eyes.

As a young child Stan enjoyed sports and playing in his back yard with family and friends. He attended North Altona Primary School before going on to secondary school at St Pauls Boys School also in Altona.

Growing up in a humble Greek home, Stan enjoyed participating in soccer and karate. As he entered his late tee years Stan was out one evening with friends when he witnessed an altercation. A friend from the group had gone to the rescue of an innocent young boy being attacked by a group of thugs. Stan immediately looked into taking up kickboxing and it wasn’t long before he realised this indeed was to be his destiny. Ultimately his fantasies as a young boy wearing his father’s trouser belt pretending it was a Champion Belt were about to come true.

Stan’s desire to follow and develop his “Dream Seed”had become nothing short of a mission that he needed to execute. He was going to be “The Kickboxer”, not just a kickboxer.