Dear Stan,

A quick note of appreciation to you and the rest of the Stan The Man Group team for your attendance and participation in our ASC Gorillas and Supporters Night last Thursday at Abers.

Those lucky enough to be in attendance are still talking about Stan’s most powerful Motivational Talk. Every player benefited from your positive messages and emphasis on the importance of commitment, character and culture to our organization.

John Larkins
Senior Football President
Aberfeldie Sports Club


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Stan came along to address 170+ members of our major Coterie group, ‘The Presidents Club’, at the MCG on Friday July 18th.

Stan delivered his strong message passionately. He brought into lay his outstanding
sporting career but mixed it with his life experience in a manner that both inspired and entertained his audience.

Stan delivered his message articulately and covered many of the attributed and traits of the winners in life. He also utilised his keen sense of humour to maintain a balance in his excellent presentation.

The Richmond coterie people and their quests enjoyed Stan’s visit immensely. We would recommend him to any organisation seeking a speaker who exemplifies what can be achieved a fervent desire with a powerful work ethic.

Neville Crowe




We were looking for something different for our sales training and we got that and so much more from Stan the Man.  His story was nothing short of inspiring and his message clear; believe in yourself and don’t give up on your dreams.  Stan spoke with upmost sincerity displaying raw emotion when sharing his amazing journey to success.  Stan’s generosity was clearly evident as he took the time to stay until the end to sign posters for staff which included a personal motivational message – a very nice touch.

Michelle Armstrong

Corporate HR & Training Manager




In 1981, Black & Blue was established as a pro athlete sportswear brand that concentrated its focus on quality and practicality for the serious athlete and has since been affiliated with some of the most inspiring athletes to grace the planet in a vast array of sports.

Stan “The Man” Longinidis has been one of the most inspiring of athletes and is a lifetime ambassador for Black & Blue. We are proud to have such an ambassador for our brand as we have watched Stan go from strength to strength with all of all his achievements in his professional career.

So in short, we, Gary, Elly and Angie Minos salute you Stan, for your ongoing support and believing in us as much as we do in you, and for being an inspiration to so many people….Thank you.




Dear Parents,

On the Monday the Year 12 students, several staff members and some invited quests had the pleasure of listening to Stan “The Man” Longinidis. Stan is an eight-time world kickboxing champion and now spends much of his time as a motivational speaker, working at schools, corporations and institutions last week he was at Barwon prison talking to the inmates.

Stan’s presentation was passionate and inspirational. He had everyone captivated by his fascinating life that was presented in a very confronting and humorous way. Stan announced to the students that he was Vivian Seremetis’ cousin but his philosophies and mannerisms made it more believable that he was Charlie Anag’s nephew.

His presentation was untiled but could easily have been “Leave Nothing Undared.”  Stan’s messages have left an indelible mark on the minds of those fortunate to attend. He unashamedly declared his faith in Jesus and it was this faith that provided the spiritual strength and courage to take on the toughest of adversaries not only in the ring but those associated with the seedier side of the kickboxing scene. He told of the time American promoter suggested that he change his name. He agonised over the decision and then realised even contemplating such a notion would break his father’s heart. He told them “if they can get used to Schwarzenegger they can learn to deal with Longinidis.”

Stan mocked himself when he reflected on the need he had as a teenager to swagger around at school with his chest puffed out and his head wobbling. He laughed at the memories he had of trying to be cool. “Being cool,” he said “is having a dream, knowing exactly what it is and being prepared to pay the price whether it be in sweat, or in hours studying. While you are fulfilling your dreams it is much more endearing to forget the swagger and live with genuine humility.

His charismatic personality endeared himself to the likes of Madonna, Van Damme and Stalone as he collected titles and accolades worldwide. He kept referring to his main priorities in life, being true to his family and his relationships with the lord. Thank you Stan for providing such a challenge and entertaining afternoon!

Mr.Tony Coghlan

Deputy Principal – Students


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On behalf of the prisoners at the Nalu unit and myself, I would like to thank you for
taking the time to give us the opportunity to hear your powerful and positive message.
The response from the prisoners has been overwhelming.

Never before have they had someone of your calibre come in and tell them how it
Really is, and for that they are truly grateful. The fact that you were up front and
honest and spoke straight from the heart had such a positive effect on these guys.

You reinforced to them the importance of having direction in your life, surrounding
yourself with positive people, and also the advantage of having a spiritual awareness.

You are truly an inspiration to these guys and anyone who is fortune enough to hear
you speak. Some of the feedback from the guys was as follows,

“ Here’s a guy who is a world kickboxing champion and could knock any one of us
Out, and you don’t see him walking around like a gangster, so it makes you it’s
what inside that really counts”

“He speaks from the heart and told us how it really is, and he’s right, if I don’t
smarten up my act society doesn’t want me out there.”

“What he had to say hit home, the best kick up the ass I’ve had”

Once again thank you for the impact you have left upon us all, we look forward to
seeing you again soon.

Many thanks

Adam Lenartowicz

Recreational Specialist



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Listening, seeing, feeling and experiencing Stan talk is an amazing experience. No matter who you are, Stan leaves you thinking and reflecting on who you are and everything you are doing in your life.

Stan takes you on a journey of self discovery and self belief, he takes you with him to his ordinary childhood through to the man he is now where you feel the pains and the sacrifices he made to get to where he wanted to be, you’ll cry with him, you’ll laugh with him, but one thing you will never forget is his incredible energy, commitment, passion and desire to make a difference to people’s lives. I encourage everyone to hear Stan The Man.

Richard Ayoub

Director Saka Water




I hope you get to read this email as it is very close to my heart. After your inspirational testimony you gave to all at Faith Christian Church in Dandenong yesterday morning I felt compelled to try and find an email address to thank you for the impact the testimony had on me.

My name is Andrew Huntington and I was seated directly opposite you on the main table. It was great to talk with you prior to your testimony, and I would have loved to expand on our brief conversation we had at the conclusion, prior to me leaving.

I have been a police officer, working the streets for 17 years which in itself presents numerous challenges to any man let alone a Christian man. I have experienced murders, suicides, car fatalities, brutal injuries to children at the hands of their parents and the daily internal political pressures. Your testimony that you replied on your faith to guide you on your unbelievable journey was uplifting and as a result I now look at my job in a different manner. I have been battling myself for the past 2 years with the difficulties of trying to get promoted to sergeant and the way you explained your journey believing that God will bring you through as a man of God has given me tremendous peace to put it into the hands of the Lord.

I, like you, was brought up in a Christian home and I have always has a strong faith, but I never knew God as I know him today. It was your testimony that jolted me into looking deeper for that relationship, to live side by side with Jesus, not at a distance. In both our worlds being a Christian is damn hard but as you said, “It’s nothing to what our Lord and Saviour went through for us.”

In closing I want you to know, that you are a credit to your parents, a credit to yourself and most importantly a credit to our Lord Jesus and you will be an awesome ambassador for the Lord in your life after fighting; taking up whatever new fight God has planned for you. And I’m sure that includes children.

God Bless you and I look forward to speaking with you again in our paths ever cross again.

In Gods Love

Yours Sincerely

Andy Huntington