Stan the Man Ministries


STM Ministries will be working closely in the future with a number of different organisations and businesses to create and develop relationships in order to provide and offer services and interests to communities Australia wide. This has always been a passion very close to Stan The Man Longinidis’ heart. Stan has strong beliefs in true family values and principles. It is very important to continue to demonstrate and set examples for our youth as a community.  Stan has always valued his position as a public figure and endeavours to bridge pathways so that others may follow in order to help them reach their dreams and overcome obstacles that life sometimes tests us with.

STM Ministries will also be partnering with organisations that assist individuals in areas of counselling, children services, health and wellness, crisis centres, missionary work, depression and several others that may be on the scope. STM Minisitries hopes to offer further development and well being to those who need guidance and to achieve self worth.

Quite often we get caught up in our very busy lives and our commitments to our families and friends that we lose sight of the importance of the most significant aspects that make up our spirits and our existence. Faith, hope and purpose.

STM Ministries work in progress future platforms may also include:



Christian workshops