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The secret to success is a combination of several significant factors. Our attitude, our thoughts our physical nourishment and Knowledge. Having Faith in all of these factors will change your quality of life Physical Nourishment is vital. Stan has always demonstrated this in his career.
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Like most of us, Stan likes to feel good about what style of clothing he wears.
Black and Blue clothing is an icon in the Fitness and Sporting Industry.
If you want comfort, style and an attitude for success Black and Blue is what you need to wear.

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Black and Blue was created back in 1981, and from its initial inception as a fashion brand, has evolved over the past 30 years into a pioneer of fashion and fitness apparel that not only looks good and feels great, but is designed with its wearer in mind and not compromising its styling in any way.

Gary Minos has been in the fashion industry for around 45 years and his wife  Elli has been a part of team Black & Blue since 1989, and together they have not only created and developed unique styling, but they have also rubbed shoulders with celebrities and athletes alike and have developed some long standing relationships such as the long term relationship with Stan the Man Longinidis which dates back to 1990.

Black and Blue Fashions were proud to sponsor Stan the Man since 1992 when he climbed to the pinnacle of his sport of kickboxing and are still proud of their association as friends since Stan’s retirement in the kickboxing arena.

Now with young Angie on board  Black and Blue’s mission statement is to be at the forefront of both fashion and fitness, and unlike mainstream clothing manufacturers, everything is locally made and sourced for quality and peace of mind. So not only are you getting a quality garment that is practical, but also one that is made right here in Australia.

Living by a simple motto of always striving to exceed expectations and never settling for second best, the team at Black and Blue pride themselves on their perseverance of remaining at the forefront of their industry.

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