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These are some of the pessimistic comments and remarks “Stan the Man” was told just months before a fight night in Perth, Australia 1987.
On the evening in question Stan fought for a world title. Unaware a scout was in fact in the audience, Stan was approached by this gentleman and after brief discussions Stan was offered a contract and began to make preparations to move to Los Angeles at the famous Jet Centre.

The scout was Blinky Urquidez, brother of Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez. The two brothers realised the unique attributes the young Stan was displaying. They both agreed there was an innocence about Stan yet he possessed the heart of a warrior. Benny Urquidez has been quoted in a Stan the Man Group interview stating the following words “You can’t judge a man by his tears. Most fighters are afraid to show sensitivity because of their anger. Stan is strong internally. He has the courage of a Lion. That’s the difference between a great fighter and a Champion fighter”.

Stan the Man became popular very quickly around the globe. Within a short period of time he competed in tournaments in many countries with win after win, most by way of knock out. He also competed in several fights in the highly prestigious K-1 series in Japan during the mid 1990’s

Stan was known to take a few private minutes in the change rooms before entering the ring. In those moments left alone by his team Stan thanked God first for allowing to follow his dream and then asked that God protect all of those in attendance including his opponent.