Stan The Man Longinidis used to dream of becoming a champion. As a child he would wear his father’s trouser belt and pretend he was just announced the winner.


Once Stan looked into that dream, that burning desire, he felt his God given purpose. This dominated his mind and spirit. Stan The Man had so much passion that being mediocre was not good enough. He didn’t want to be just a Kickboxer, he wanted to be ‘the’ Kickboxer. He wanted to be a positive ambassador and role model so that others would look to him and say “I want to be like him!” He wanted to set the bench mark, fuelled by the vision of becoming Australia’s first ever world champion. He wanted to conquer the kickboxing globe and put Australia on the map and in turn create a path for other local talent to follow. Amongst all of the negative voices in his head, he would only focus on the quiet whispering voice in his heart that said “If you trust in me you can conquer anything, if you trust in me you’ll have a fairy tale ending”.


In 1987, Perth Australia Stan fought for a world title against Santiago Garza. After twelve rounds the fight was declared a draw. A scout in the audience from the world-renowned Los Angeles Jet Centre offered a contract to the would-be champion.

When returning home to Melbourne he was excited to show his friends the contract but to his disappointment most reactions were pessimistic and negative.

Stan decided to step out of his comfort zone and pursue his dream by leaving his home shores and flew to LA. Stan describes his defining moment of greatness with the following quote, “To become great you must defeat greatness”. Dennis Alexio was universally the man to beat at the time. Stan constantly challenged him and made it the most publicly demanded fight in history.
So many sacrifices were made by Stan in order to make that fight take place in Melbourne. But as Stan says, “If you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to make it happen”.


In 1992 in Melbourne Australia, Stan The Man stepped into the ring with opponent Dennis Alexio. The fight was over in record time. Stan The Man broke Alexio’s leg with a powerful low kick 6 seconds into the first round. The Hawaiian crumpled in pain to the canvas floor.

Stan retired in 2003-04. these days Stan is  a well respected and sought after  speaker in many forums.  Apart from being involved in several business ventures Stan still manages to balance his time between different charities and schools.